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Galvanised Steel Tube

1. Please add full lengths to your basket.
2. To use our Free Cutting Services add the cutting details below.
   * Including any full lengths you may reqiure.

Free Tube Cutting Service

Please enter your cutting info in the following way:
1x 3,200mm + 2x500mm + 4x1050mm + 2x80mm etc...

*** We do not automatically deliver any off-cuts. If you want us to deliver the off-cut, please type "Deliver Off-cut" after your cutting information ***

All tube lengths can be delivered, for the most Cost Effective Delivery Methods

Orders UNDER 250Kg are cheaper with a max tube length of 4 meters
Orders OVER 250Kg are cheaper with a max tube length of 3.2 meters

How to achieve the most cost effective delivery

You can add all your clamps and tube to the basket which will give you the most cost effective delivery methods. If this is for tubes that are shorter than in your basket you can return to this page to add your cutting requirements at no extra cost.

If you would like us to work this out, please get in touch on 020 8254 2626 or sales@AlvinKeyClamp.co.uk