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Alvin Freestand

Alvin Freestanding Roof Edge Protection is a counterbalanced guardrail system designed in accordance with BS EN 13374 : 2013 as a Class A protection system, that provides protection for worker safety at height. With no penetration or damage to the roof, the freestanding system is easy and quick to install and can be used on virtually any flat roof or up to a gradient of no more than 10 degrees.

Our counterbalanced system operates on a curved PVC weight, which does not damage the integrity of the roof surface. A galvanised malleable iron foot, with protective rubber base, supports the handrail post.

The system features 1100mm tall factory preassembled uprights that include open cradle fittings allowing the handrail tube to be quickly dropped into place, speeding up assembly and saving cost. In addition to counterbalanced arms the system uses key clamp components that make it quick and easy to install.

The wide range of available components enables the system layout to be configured to ideally suit the collective protection need. The posts can be spaced at a maximum distance of 2 meters apart.

Next Steps

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Examples of Freestand

Key Features

• Alvin Freestanding Roof Edge Protection is designed in accordance with BS EN 13374:2013 as a Class A protection system.
• The rails and supports are made of galvanised steel tube to BS EN ISO 1461 and have an outside diameter of 48.3mm.

• Installation should be undertaken by qualified and trained personnel only.

• The key clamp components are iron castings manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 1562 and 1563. Set screws are manufactured in case hardened steel and are protected against corrosion with proprietary Zinc Aluminium coating and with stainless steel screws available also.
• A key clamp component can support an axial load of 900KG’s per set screw with the set screw tightened up to a torque of 39Nm (29lbs/ft or 4Kgm); rating includes a safety factor of 2:1 provided these conditions are met and the torque is set with a calibrated torque wrench.

• Further technical information including testing certificates and load calculations can be supplied upon request.