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WarmTouch Paint

Thermilate Trade WarmTouch Paint is an easy to apply, semi-gloss paint
which makes handrails and metal surfaces warm to the touch.
It also reduces handrails becoming slippery due to precipitation and
condensation and conforms with the Building Regulations 2000 law
which states: handrails need to be slip resistant and
not cold to the touch.

TRADE Warmtouch is ideal for use on Alvin Key Clamp’s tubes and
DDA range as it can be used internally and externally.
It provides an alternative option to our powder coating service
that may be more cost effective as well as saving time.

This paint will be available on standard delivery options
as opposed to the up to 3 week lead time of powder coating,
whilst still being DDA compliant. Standard stock colours are
Black (RAL 9005) or Yellow (RAL 1023) whilst other colours are
available upon request.

New galvanized metal should be weathered until dull before application
of paint. Alternativly we offer Universal Primer which can be applied
new to galvanized metal.

Suggested coverage per litre is 12-14m2, can be applied by brush
or spray and will be touch dry within 2 hours.

For more information about the technical specification and application
advice for the paint please download the data sheet
Please contact the office on 020 8254 2626 or
sales@alvinkeyclamp.co.uk with your requirements
and we will send you a personalised quote.